Farm Truck Scales

Designed for farmers, AgWeigh’s farm truck scales offer an economical approach to truck weighing for today’s producers.

Yield Load Scanner

The Yield Load Scanner from AgWeigh provides incredible efficiency with the ability to scan truck loads while in motion.

Portable Truck Scales

The portable truck scales offered by AgWeigh deliver a convenient and cost-efficient solution to weigh and manage yields in various locations.

Onboard Scales

The onboard scale systems by AgWeigh can be designed and integrated on a wide range of agricultural equipment.

Floor Scales

Floor Scales by AgWeigh offer a sound solution to determine harvest and yield weights quickly and efficiently.


Our Yield Pro Software offers a wealth of features that take yield management and throughput to the next level.

AgWeigh Scales for Farmers & Agricultural Producers

As leading source for farm truck scales and weighing technology for agricultural producers, AgWeigh offers the widest variety of farm truck scales, agricultural weighing systems, and yield management software applications for all levels of farmers. AgWeigh was developed to provide cost effective solutions for today’s agriculture producers.

Farm Truck Scales for Many Weighing Needs

AgWeigh was created primarily for the supply of farm truck scales, which includes multiple options for every type of weighing need, including standard farm truck scales like portable truck scales, as well as specialized systems like grain dump truck scales.  All of our farm scales at AgWeigh are designed to work with a multitude of peripheral equipment like printers, PCs, remote displays, and our very own yield management software system.

One Source Solution for Ag Scales & Weighing Systems

At, you’ll find a comprehensive selection of farm truck scales and weighing solutions for ag producers. When it comes to portable trucks scales our products in portable axle scales and portable weighing pads are ideal for producers that are looking for a mobile solution for managing yield. We also offer custom-integrated onboard scales which offer ultimate convenience and streamlined weighing process for high volume producers. Our on board truck scale systems can be integrated on most grain carts, skid steers, and loaders.

Data-Driven, Software-Supported Truck Weigh Scales

What separates AgWeigh from other providers of farm scale technology is that we offer cutting-edge software for yield and harvest management. Our proprietary platform Yield Pro Software has been designed to provide an easy means of gathering and managing yield data. The basic navigation of our yield management software interface allows drivers with basic computer skills to enter their key data and run reports if required.

Company News

Portable wheel weighers are some of the most versatile and highly-functional weighing systems in the category of portable truck scales. Portable wheel weigher scales are an ideal solution for agricultural producers who do not require a full farm truck scale, such as steel-deck weighbridge. Wheel......

Truck weighing scales are specifically engineered and designed to accommodate certain weighing operations as well as sizes of the vehicle carrying the loads, or content to be weighed. Because of their ability to measure very heavy amounts, trucks weighing scales are used in very specific applications (with......

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