Yield Management Software

The Value of Yield Pro Software

AgWeigh’s cutting edge yield management software solution, Yield Pro Software, can pay big dividends for farmers and agricultural producers. The value of Yield Pro Software is particularly beneficial for farmers trying to manage multiple harvests, productions, as well as insurance audits. To learn more about AgWeigh’s yield management software solutions, discover some of the features advantages below.

The grain dump system shown in this picture is integrated with Yield Pro Software, and as a result, the farmer can accurate management the weight and value of the load.

Yield Management Software with a Simple Interface

Our yield management software system has been meticulously designed and improved to offer an intuitive and easy to navigation platform to gather and management harvest data. The simple interface of our yield management software platform enables farmers and equipment operators with basic computing skills to enter data on the fly and generate reports when needed.

Shown in the picture to the left is the simple interface of Yield Pro. It’s broken-down in the primary categories that mean the most to farmers and ag producers.

Integrate Yield Management Software with Smart Phones & Tablets

AgWeigh’s yield management software system can be integrated with most smart phone or tablets. We know that today’s farmers and agricultural producers are rarely in the office or around the computer. We strive to make Yield Pro Software easily accessible on just about any portable device, and we’re continuously making advancements as new technology is developed. As a result, harvest and yield management process are more streamlined.

Seamless Driver Management Solutions

In addition to offering solutions for harvest and yield management, Yield Pro Software enables agricultural producers and farmers to manage and maintain drivers and equipment operators with ease. If you want complete control of your farming operations and throughput, this simple feature can ensure your internal systems are efficient and up-to-speed with your production goals.

Note the Driver Maintenance options in Yield Pro Software. Here you can manage the information of your drivers and what their purpose is on your farm.

Manage Specific Farms with Ease

Here at AgWeigh, we’ve developed our yield management software to make it easy to monitor data per farm. So if you operate a large scale agricultural business with farms in multiple locations, this feature is highly valuable. Farmers and agricultural producers can take full control of their farms through this simple interface. As a result, you can keep data organized and better troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

Field Management Capabilities

Take your farm management capabilities with our yield management software system and implement key data around specific fields. Whether you produce corn, wheat, or both, Yield Pro enables farmers to manage information and production levels per individual field. And unlike most other forms of yield management software, our Yield Pro platform keeps data simple and easy to interpret. This can reporting and analysis much more efficient.

Yield Management Software Integrated with Moisture Input

Moisture plays a critical role when determining the true value of a harvest. Our yield management software allows farmers and agricultural producers to seamlessly input moisture data per load. As a result, farmers can ensure the accuracy and value for their harvests, while minimizing any risks associated with inflated (or deflated) valuation. This important feature of Yield Pro takes any questions out of the equation during transactions.

Manage Bins & Inventory

Take control of your inventory management processes. Our yield management software system enables farmers to manage bins and harvest inventory with optimal convenience and efficiency. Yield Pro has been designed so that agricultural producers can maintain accurate information about specific bins. Integrated with other inputs, farmers can monitor the capacity and current levels on the fly.

Scale-Integrated Yield Management Software

Our yield management software system can be integrated with various farm scales and equipment. This allows Yield Pro to interface directly to your farm truck scales, grain dump scales, and other weighing technologies, and thus enables you to capture weight data systematically. As an alternative option, you can use the manual weight entry mode.

Advanced Reporting for Yield Management

Yield Pro Software offers advanced reporting capabilities for all types of farmer and agricultural producers. Regardless of how large your farm is, the reporting capabilities of our yield management software enables farmers to generate:

• reports for specifics fields and farms
• reports for bin inventory
• reports for drivers
• several other custom-generated reports