Portable Axle Scale

“Portable Axle Scales for Easy Weighing as an alternative to larger forms of truck scales, more farmers in the U.S. are turning to portable axle scales (or “axle pads”), which allow them to quickly check weigh inputs in the truck at seeding time or product right off the fields before it goes to market or the grain bin. These types of portable truck scales can prevent costly overweight load fines. “

AXHD Series Portable Axle Scales

The AXHD Series of portable axle scales are an ideal solution for agricultural producers who do not require a full farm truck scale. These axle scales are portable and very robust. They can be easily set-up and taken down for portable use in various locations throughout the farm.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

The AXHD Series of portable axle scales are designed and constructed to provide accurate axle weights for many years, with little to no maintenance requirements. This gives agricultural producers confidence knowing their their harvest load weights are completely accurate.

Designed for Off Road Use

The heavy duty design of the AXHD series of scales allows producers to operate their scale systems on any hard compact surface. This allows operations to run their scale system without the need to pour concrete pads.

Integrated Weight Ticket Printer

The AX Series of portable axle scales for sale are available with integrated printers in the scale readout.  This provides for weight tickets to be printed for each vehicle.

These scale displays are also battery operated allowing for portable operation.