Grain Dump Truck Scales

“Grain Dump Truck Scales from AgWeigh Deliver Extreme Operational Efficiency When Harvest Season is at it’s Peak.”

Grain Dump Truck Scales

AGWEIGH Grain Dump Truck Scales have been designed by farmers for farmers. The innovative design of these farm scales provides producers with an economical solution for managing farm production.

Advanced Weighing Features

All AGWEIGH farm truck scales are designed for durability and high accuracy.  The design of the AGWEIGH farm scales are the result of nearly 50 years of service to the agriculture market.  What we learned from our customers drove our decision making process.

Standard 12 Feet Wide Scale Decks

The standard 12 feet wide scale deck is ideal for allowing drivers to access the scale safely.  The 12 feet wide deck on these scales is our standard design, however we offer farm truck scales in 10′, 11′, 12′, & 14′ wide widths.

Modular Farm Scale Design

The modular design of the AGWEIGH farm truck scales provides a great number of benefits for Ag Producers.

* Simplifies the installation process

* Reduces freight costs

* No crane needed for setting the scale

* Designed for superior maintenance access

Galvanized Suspension Components

The standard galvanized suspension components are utilized to provide superior life expectancy to the scale.  While other farm scales on the market use painted steel suspension components, All AGWEIGH Farm Truck Scales are built with fully galvanized suspension components.

Designed For The Real World

All AGWEIGH Farm Truck Scales feature a suspension design that provides superior protection to all of the load cells.  The adjacent photo illustrates how our design protects the load cell high within the weighbridge truck scale unit.  This keeps debris away from the electronics and allows for easy cleaning of the scale.

A Farm Truck Scale With Superior Accuracy

AGWEIGH Farm Truck Scales have been government certified to provide the highest level of accuracy.  From our grain cart scales to our grain dump scales, all of our farm scale systems are NTEP Approval enable you to operate your scale as a “Legal-For-Trade” device.

Truck Scales Perfect for Today’s Farmers

AGWEIGH farm truck scales is a perfect choice for todays farmers looking for a dependable scale solution at affordable prices.

Safety, Safety, Safety

AGWEIGH Farm Truck Scales include a yellow safety stripe on each side of the scale enabling your drivers to easily access and exit the scale. This is just one of the small features that have been incorporated into our farm truck scales. Sometimes the smallest details make all the difference.

Details That Matter

Our understanding of the real world has also allowed us to incorporate design details that really make a difference. All of our load cell cabling is protected by stainless steel armored cabling to protect them from damage due to rodents and the environment. All cabling is also run in metal conduit within the weighbridge, to provide even more protection.

Farm Truck Scales You Can Install Yourself

Our unique modular design allows producers to install their scales themselves; with the existing tools they have onsite. You can install the AGWEIGH farm scale modules with your existing lift truck or tractor. Our modular design eliminates the need for a crane onsite, as a result you save $$$$.

Farm Scales That Need No Grout

Unlike other farm scales on the market, AGWEIGH Farm Scales do not require pre-cast anchors or messy grout. Our design allows for a very simple installation using basic concrete anchors. This greatly simplifies the installation process.

Multiple Sizes Available

AGWEIGH Farm Truck Scales are available in a variety of scale sizes to fit your exact requirements. We offer scale lengths from 10 feet long to over 100 feet in length along with scale widths up to 14 feet wide.

Digital Weight Terminals

Depending on your requirements we can provide a wide range of digital weight terminals to fit your application. Our digital weight terminals provide instant weight readings and the ability to connect to multiple peripheral components like printers, outdoor displays and computer systems.

Driver Readout

Add an outdoor readout is also available so that your drivers can view the weights from the cab of their trucks. These outdoor readouts are also ideal for better managing your load out process.

Ticket Printers

Add a ticket printer to your farm scale system to better track your yield data. Our ticket printers are extremely easy to use and require virtually zero maintenance.

Yield Management Software

For those looking for greater control and management of their harvest data, AGWEIGH has developed our Yield Pro Management Software.

* Track Production per farm and field

* Enter grain moistures

* Track bin inventory

* Advanced reporting