Pope Farms

Oct 14, 2014 | Tags: farm truck scale

New Scale for Wisconsin Family Farm

Pope Farms chooses AGWEIGH for their new 72 ft Long X 12 ft wide truck scale.  Along with the new scale the Pope Family choose to further automate their harvest process with digital readouts and stop and go lights.  An RFID reader and tag system was also supplied to allow for automatic truck and field data entry at the scale.

portable weigh pads

With a simple, easy-to-operate design and the portable capabilities to take the weighing system just about anywhere, these scales are ideal for just about every weighing application.




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Portable Weigh Pads: A Versatile Truck Scale System for Farmers

Sep 9, 2014

Portable Weigh Pads

Unlike other users of trucks scales and heavy-duty weighing systems, farmers often thrive with options that offer a high level of convenience and versatility. The portable weigh pads by Ag Weigh deliver a sound, versatile solution to weigh farm truck loads virtually anywhere.

portable weigh pads

With a simple, easy-to-operate design and the portable capabilities to take the weighing system just about anywhere, Ag Weigh's portable weigh pads are highly-sought-after solution among many farmers and agricultural producers. Learn more below about what makes these portable truck scale systems so high in demand among the rest.

How Portable Weigh Pads Work

Portable weigh pads are low profile truck scale systems that are designed with flat surfaces in which farm trucks can drive onto for weighing. When trucks drive on to the weighing pads, they scale system displays the aggregate weight on the systems digital terminal.

At the core of these portable weigh pads is a highly sensitive load cell which is responsible for measuring the weight and transmitting data to the terminal. As the most important component to portable weighing pads, the load cell is heavily protected by incrdible strong and durable casing.

Also equipped on these portable weigh pad systems is two ramps for each side. The ramps are designed to make it easier for farm trucks to drive on to the weigh pads to calculate the load weight. Although the portable truck scales by Ag Weigh are so low profile that ramps are not always needed, they are a good option for use on varying terrain and surfaces that aren't evenly flat.

Now you're probably wondering how the scale system determines only the load weight (and not the entire load of the farm truck.) To accurately measure the gross weight of the load, all of the truck axles need to be measured individually prior to using the scale for harvest management. The terminal will record the weight of the truck axles, and thus calibrates the scale for future meaasurements. In short, once the portable weigh pad system knows the empty weight of the truck, it can then calculate the gross weight of the load being transported.

Benefits of Portable Weigh Scales

Portable weigh scales offer many benefits compared to other traditional truck scale system. Some of these benefits include:

  • Accurate Measurements: Due to the incredibly-sensitive load cells, these portable weigh pads are very accurate. In fact, these portable truck scale system have become one of the most popular forms of industrial truck weigh scales.
  • Seamless Set-up: Unlike other truck scales, portable weigh pads are very easy to set-up. It only takes minutes for farmers to set-up the scale, lay the ramps, and install the weighing terminal.
  • Versatility and Portability: In addition to the obvious nature of portable weigh scales being easy to move, Ag Weigh's products come in an easy to carry case so farmers can move the scale from field to field to weigh harvests.
  • Remote Weighing Terminals: The remote weighing terminals of portable weighing pads come with LCD display as well as the capabilities to print weighing data, as well as store the data for later use.
  • Harvest Management: Determining the precise weigh of a harvest load is absolutely essential for any ag production operation. Leveraging a reliable and accurate measuring system is key to ensuring the accuracy of load weight.

The ideal supplement for these portable weigh scales is Ag Weigh's propreitery software system that helps to manage harvests. This is known as crop management software and it holds the ability to manage select farms and fields, as well calulate moisture levels to better control harvest production and valuation.

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Volumetric Payload Scanner Helps Farmers Manage Harvests

Aug 8, 2014 | Tags: 3d load scanner, load scanner, load management, farm scale, harvest management software

Volumetric Load Scanner

Farmers greatly suffer from inefficiencies and lost production when it comes to organizing harvested crops, animal products and other agricultural produce. This usually results as a lack of a solid harvest management and weighing system, which can often inhibit farmers from reaching target profit. Fortunately, there is something farmers can do about it - that is - invest in a volumetric load scanner system.harvest management software

A volumetric load scanner is a non-contact scanner used for measuring volume of vehicle loads particularly those that loaded in vehicles with open carriers such as trucks, and pick-up vans. This volume scanner is commonly used in mining operations, waste management activities and road construction projects. However, this unique scanner can also be used for farming.

How does a volumetric load scanner help farmers?

Volumetric load scanners can make organization of harvested agricultural products such as crops, fruits, animal products, meat, etc. more efficient by making sure that the target volume load is reached after every series of harvest. This, in turn, can help reduce transportation and labor costs as well as help you save more time and energy. In no time, using a volumetric scanner can help you achieve your financial goals and expand your farming business in the long run.

Not all load scanners are equal load scanner software

Having a volumetric load scanner can significantly help you make your farm harvesting operations seem like a breeze but this does not mean that you go out of your way without taking time to choose the right volumetric scanner.

You see, not all load scanners are created equal. Some of them are good, while some of them are not. Among the best ones in the market today is the WLS Volumetric Payload Scanner by Walz Scale. Walz has created a dedicated website for it's load scanner system. You can learn more about the load scanner by clicking here.

Reasons to use the Volumetric Payload Scanner from Walz Scale

Unlike your usual load scanner, the Volumetric Payload Scanner from Walz Scale lets you scan your harvested crops loaded in your truck while moving. That way, you can reduce the time that it takes from scanning loads and taking volume measurements to transporting harvested products from your farm. And while taking load measurements, it can save high quality images of measurement scans so you can use it as reference.

In case you need to do some maintenance work, you won't have to spend much since it only has minimal maintenance requirements. It also has a simple set up platform that is composed of a 3D laser scanner, a computer and a mounting equipment so you can conveniently set up the system anytime and anywhere you go.

The Volumetric Load Scanner by Walz Scale works by first scanning the carrier of your truck without the load and saving the scanned image in its system. After putting the load in the truck, the scanner will once again scan the carrier, this time with the load, and determine the volume of the load by comparing the first scanned image to the second one. Once you have the volume measurement, you can then determine whether you have already maximized the space volume of your truck carrier or not.

If you are having a hard time reducing harvesting and transportation costs for your farming business, you should consider using a Volumetric Payload Scanner by Walz Scale. It allows you to maximize your transportation resources, organize harvested products and reduce operation costs which will increase your profit.

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3 Truck Scale Solutions Ideal for Famers

Jul 3, 2014 | Tags: portable truck scale, portable axle scale, wheel weigher, grain cart scale, farm truck scales, truck scales

Truck Scales for Farmers

Farm truck scales are now becoming a necessity among the farming community. Every farmer knows how important weighing is when producing for the agriculture industry, especially accurate weighing. It is important to have access to a truck scale, whether for trading produce, tracking yields, or measuring and optimizing harvest management.

Harvest ManagementPortable axle scales, wheel weighers, truck scales, weighbridges, and other forms of truck scales for sale should be tough enough to handle the enormous weight put on them while delivering accurate readings of the agro-product industry and also must be able to collect this important information accurately every time without reducing the efficiency of your operation. The following are different types of farm truck scales with their respective advantages and the technology behind them.

Grain Cart Scales

Weighing crop yields as they leave the field accelerates your production and saves a lot of your precious time. By integrating a scale on your grain cart, you will be able to weigh your crops as they are leaving the fields, which can minimize downtime and maximize throughput compared to other weighing means.

Grain Cart SCalesThe advantages of grain cart scales are that they:

  • know the exact weight of grain going in and out of cart system
  • keep your measurements accurate, diminishing all legal concerns associated with guesswork
  • measure crop damage for legal documentation
  • saves time by having your crops weighed at a farm rather than hauling to a platform scale
  • can be integrated with select software applications to further track and analyze harvest data

AgWeigh's grain cart scales are accurate within a 0.5% variance. Grain cart scales could be used as an economical weigh wagon, load trucks to the legal limit, also to divide your crop share and calibrate yield monitors. Grain cart scales utilize both the axel weigh bar technology and the hitch weigh bar technology to accurately measure the produce it was loaded with.

Steel Deck Truck Scales Steel Deck Truck SCale

Steel deck truck scales, or weighbridges, are the best to use when weighing solid waste, aggregate, chemicals, grain and items used in various industries. This is because these forms of truck scales for sale offer a high level of protection against numerous conditions that have unfavorable effects on truck scale installations.

Water, lightning, power surges, explosive areas, corrosion, welding, shock loading, and extreme temperature fluctuations causes scale problems which costs the owner. Steel deck truck scales are meant to stand up to heavy load while offering an accurate reading of products.

Our steel deck truck scales commonly utilize a tension suspension that eliminates the need for bumper bolts and check rods to balance the scale. It eliminates excess scale movements, delivering weighing accuracy and also repeatability.

Portable Truck Scales Portable Wheel Weighers

A portable truck scale is ideally used for weighing operations that require moving from one site to another. Portable truck scales, also known as portable axle scales or portable wheel weigher scales, typically have a lower framework that allow them to be placed on a non-typical surface such as dirt or gravel.

These portable wheel weigher scales still retains the accuracy of pit-type scales of up to an accuracy of +1 to -1 percent. Portable truck scales exchanged its size for portability which reduces the maximum weight it can weigh, but could be transferred from one place to another.

Farm truck scales bring enormous help to farmers. These scales eliminate a lot of obstacles that farmers used to have in the past while providing them with a lot of benefits by having easy access to these scales.

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