3 Crop Management Solutions for Agricultural Producers

Jan 14, 2015

If you're interested in getting the most of each and every inch in your farm, then you should definitely check out the three most effective crop management solutions offered at Ag Weigh.

The professionals at Ag Weigh have designed a number of effective solutions that have been proven to be very effective at solving the common problems that agricultural producers face. What's even better is that these systems come with additional advantages, one of them being the fact that you'll be able to drastically reduce your input cost and maximize efficiency. They also come in quite handy in ensuring that you're able to maximize the value of your crop yields during harvest.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales from Ag Weigh come with a host of features that ensure that the crop management system works to your advantage. The portability of the weighing pads offers great convenience in the sense that the weighing setup can easily be done at the farm. This will help to save time and money.

In addition to being portable, the scales also have the ability to weigh your trucks either in motion or dynamically. There are two primary forms of portable scales offered by Ag Weigh that you should pay close attention to. These include the Portable Weigh Pads and the Portable Axle Scale Systems.

The portable weigh pads are able to calculate and manage load weights with a high level of versatility. On the other hand, portable axle scale systems are very effective at determining weigh inputs when you're seeding or during production times. Learn more about portable truck scales from AgWeigh.

Onboard Scale Systems

The second crop management solution that Ag Weigh offers is the onboard scale system. Onboard scales have been designed in a manner that will easily fit into a wide range of trucks and agricultural equipment. Farming equipments such as grain carts, haul trucks, skid steers and loaders can easily be fitted with the onboard scale and the readings can thereafter be determined directly from the truck itself.

Onboard scales for weighing trucks are highly versatile; which is an added advantage as this ensures that accurate readings are obtained. This also helps to simplify the entire management process.

Yield Load Scanner

The third crop management solution is the Yield Load Scanner. These scanners have been designed with the latest and the most advanced technology. This is very important as it ensures optimized efficiency during harvest. The truck load scanning system is very easy to install, cheap to maintain, comes with in-load scanning and is very easy to operate.

The Yield Load Scanner coordinates with the Yield Pro Software to capture and manage all the farm harvest data. Any other relevant information regarding your field is also captured and you can thereafter use this information to determine the productivity of your farm.

Take advantage of any of the available crop management solutions and you'll never have to deal with crop wastage scenarios in your farm. Having been in the industry for many years, Ag Weigh offers a host of new and used truck scales for sale as well as other advanced solutions for all your farming needs.

All of these products are designed to last for a very long time. You don't even need to be a professional to be able to setup the crop management equipment. They have been designed in a very simple way the can be integrated into any farming equipment and at the same time provide accurate data.

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Truck Scale Systems Optimal for Farmers & Ag Producers

Dec 17, 2014

Truck Scale Systems Optimal for Farmers & Ag Producers

Ag Weigh, together with parent company Walz Scale, offer many different truck scales that meet the demands of farmers and agriculture-based companies. In this article, we describe three different types of trucks scales and why they are optimal for farmers and ag producers.

On-Board Scales

On-board scales are designed to help people out with many weighing functions. These scales can work by being linked to different spots on a truck bed and can then be calibrated to ensure that they will measure the weights inside the truck at the right possible rates.

These on-board scales are very popular as they come with some rather useful designs and are easy to install. In addition to on-board scales for trucks, these weighing systems can be added onto any kind of farm equipment and can easily be used to analyze how the load inside a truck bed is shifting in some cases. The need to adjust the setup in any spot can really be important to explore and can certainly be enticing for all who want to find ways to measure their materials on any farming site with care.

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales from Walz are designed with bodies that features a series of slim and easy to handle bodies. These portable scales for weighing trucks are designed with regards to handling quick measurements as a truck moves over a scale. These are extremely versatile and affordable. It only takes a few moments to set one up in any spot.

portable truck scales

Portable truck scales are often designed with a series of sturdy and easy to handle features that can lock to any surface around a farm spot. In fact, a wireless connection can be utilized to link such a scale up to a computer, thus making it rather easy for all to utilize for many special weighing goals.


Weighbridges are steel deck truck scales that are typically installed in set fixed spots. These scales are designed to be installed near fields, silos and other spots where large amounts of materials often have to be gathered. This can be linked to a dedicated computer or other device to help analyze the weights on any farm vehicle. In addition, this option is useful in that it can handle tens of thousands of pounds at any given moment, thus making it perfect for heavy duty weighing needs.


Weighbridge truck scales can also be secured safely in the ground through a series of support materials. These are designed to help with creating a stronger look that is not all that hard for anyone to manage. This is one of the best things that anyone could ever use when finding a way to improve the functions that come with trying to weigh different devices as needed.

The truck scale systems can really fit in with the requirements that many farms will hold. These are systems that are ideal for use in many situations as they will carefully and effectively move different items in and out of any space to make for a

strong and more effective setup that anyone will be more appreciative of when it comes to managing their weights on any farm space.

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On-Board Truck Scales for Streamlined Crop Management

Nov 18, 2014 | Tags: farm scale, farm truck scales, truck scales, on-board scales, crop management

On-Board Truck Scales for Streamlined Crop Management

All seasoned farmers know the importance of accurate measurement of produce. It's a common sense fact during the harvest season that crop yields must be weighed, tracked, and monitored with ultimate precision. 

Modern computer technologies and breakthroughs in the overall agricultural sector have eased various activities that were previously overwhelming. Ensuring ultimate accuracy for the produce weights and amounts at business level is a farmer's primary objective.

on board truck scales farmers

Common in logistics and mining operations, on-board truck scales are becoming an indispensable element of high volume agricultural productions that can thrive from streamlining the weighing process. Below we discuss the value that on-board truck scales provide farmers for crop management and valuation. Learn more below or check out some of the on-board scales solutions at Ag Weigh.

What Defines "On-board" Truck Scales?

On-board truck scales basically refer to measurement and scaling systems used in agricultural applications to facilitate quick and accurate measurement of produce. They take the measure of trucks and the content within each. The scales may measure motionless trucks and carts or even those in motion. They can be easily installed in measurement systems to quickly capture weights and number of skid steers, trucks or carts loaded onto the piece of machinery.

Although the video below shows on-board truck scales in an industrial context, you easily see how these scale systems could help farmers and agricultural producers.

Modern on-board scales for measuring truck load weights exhibit the integration of computer technologies that feature sensors, processing units and displays where information is rendered. The sensors capture truck volume and any given point. Processors quickly calculate accurate weight and render the information to ergonomic displays. They also have memory capacities to enable simple storage of details like total volume and number of trucks among other relevant recorded data. You can also find wireless on-board truck scales, also referred to as smart scales.

Streamlining Weighing Processes with On-board Truck Scales On board truck scale readout

In the agricultural world, especially commercial production that involves the transport of goods via trucks, there are various goals and restrictions to abide by. On one side you should avoid overweight violations while on the other, your goal is maximizing payloads per truck load. On-board scales are not only important for the farmers but also very useful for companies that purchase agricultural produce and materials like fertilizer.

The information saved and kept in these on-board scales can be used as useful metrics to track productivity. This may overlap to broad details and relationships linking performances of given seasons and factors that influenced it. These scales are therefore a necessity for farmers and wholesalers alike. This streamlining and automation of measurement creates opportunity to minimize expenditure.

Helping Farmers in More Ways Than One

Onboard Grain Cart ScaleOn-board truck scales can also save time for man power and resources to be focused on other activities like production and maximizing of harvest or loading. Because these are in-motion truck scales that can calculate weights while the truck is moving, the result is efficiency in the agricultural processes and increased productivity. Since there are the sought measurement goals, on-board scales are vital for any agricultural venture. They can be installed on skid steers, grain carts and loaders among other loading and transportation equipment.

This level of versatile also helps tracking of volume and produce weights at every level of loading and unloading. For established companies with linear systems from harvesting to loading transportation and storage, this reduces transportation losses such as pilferage.

There are various types of on-board truck scales. However, all of them serve the same functions, although advanced options may exhibit various efficiencies. On-board scales are often portable and very easy to install. They are efficient and calculate accurate weight for each truck and payload, whether for grains, fertilizer or any other agricultural produce. See more by visiting the parent company of Ag Weigh and global leader of truck scales and payload management solutions, WalzScale.com.

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In-Motion Loadout Scale

Oct 16, 2014 | Tags: axle scale, farm truck scale, portable truck scale, loadout scale

Dynamic In-Motion Truck Scale

Unlike other scale systems available to todays producers, that require expensive foundation and installation costs.  The new in-motion portable axle scales from AGWEIGH allow producers to weigh in or out of their pits with little to now foundation and setup expenses.

portable weigh pads

With a simple, easy-to-operate design and the portable capabilities to take the weighing system just about anywhere, these scales are ideal for just about every weighing application.

How The In-Motion Weigh Pads Work

Trucks drive over the scale pads at low speed, the system then captures each axle weight and provides a total gross weight for the vehicle.  The integrated printer provides a load ticket for each weighment.



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