3 Truck Weigh Scales That Have Revolutionized the Industry Standard

Apr 20, 2015

3 Truck Weigh Scales That Have Revolutionized the Industry Standard

AgWeigh (and parent company Walz Scale) have progressed the industry standard of weighing systems and operations for farmers and high-end agricultural producers alike. The revolutionary truck weigh scales that each company offers have been pivotal in making crop and harvest management much more efficient.

Three particular products have been essential is evolving the industry standard for these party's weighing needs. Below we showcase a few of those products which you can find at either AgWeigh.com or WalzScale.com.

Weighbridge Truck Scalesweighbridge truck scale

Weighbridge truck scales are renowned for optimizing weighing operations, in addition to having brilliant features that can handle different truck sizes. In addition to farming and agricultural settings, weighbridge truck scales can be used in many diverse applications, including shipping, logistic and warehousing companies. They offer a heavy duty design which makes optimum utilization of human resources (minimal man power need to operate.)

AgWeigh and Walz Scale together offer a complete line of weighbridge truck scales specifically designed to offer advanced weighing solutions for many different farming applications. For fixed weighing stations, weighbridges offer some of the highest levels of throughput as well as efficiency. Other prominent features include MSHA approved designs, availability of rental truck scales, as well multiple capacities and custom designed weighbridge truck scales. To see more, visit WalzScale.com.

On-board Truck Scales

on-board grain cart scale

On-board truck scales are the ideal choice for farmers who have a few specific trucks or vehicles that are dedicated to transporting product (e.g. haul trucks, grain carts, etc.) The actually weighing system is integrated on the actual vehicle, so although this poses limitations for some users, the level of convenience and efficiency is a worth-while benefit.

On-board truck scales are robust, durable and have the capacity to capture accurate weights on a small and compact display readout, making it an ideal interface when it comes to gathering and tracking load weight. Apart from offering accurate data even in tough conditions, installation is fairly simple and the overall unit is very easy to use. To see the wide range of on-board truck scale applications, click here.

In-Motion Truck Scales 

in-motion axle scale

Unlike on-board truck scales that are installed directly on the vehicle, in-motion truck scales are also known as axle scales or weigh pads, which are external weighing units. They are portable truck scales that can be put together and broken down in matter of minutes. Trucks can drive over the weighing unit at speeds of about 3-5 MPH and accurate weight readings will be taken and saved into a convenient weighing terminal.

You can learn more about these in-motion truck scales by clicking here.

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AX-Series Truck Axle Scales from AgWeigh.com

Mar 25, 2015

AX-Series Truck Axle Scales from AgWeigh.com

Most agricultural-based business know the value of dependable truck scales for crop weigh measurement and overall harvest management. A lot of weighing goes on in the farming business, particularly during the busy harvest seasons. For farmers and other organizations that work in agriculture, running back and forth to the scale can be a pain. That is why the AX-Series of truck axle scales from AgWeigh.com provide an efficient, portable solution to meet the weighing needs of farmers.

farm truck axle scale

A farmer who has to harvest numerous amount of fields may find it stressful and quite tedious to go to a designated scale station whenever a truck is full. This would be the case especially if the fields were scattered across a large amount of land. By using portable truck axle scales, the farmer may cut a lot of time and grief out of his harvest season. The season is stressful enough as it is.

Fluid Weighing Done Anywhere & Anytime

truck axle scales

The portable axle scales from AgWeigh.com are extremely easy to use. They can be installed on any firm foundation and becomes a highly useful tool in the management of production on the farm. 

As most industrial products take a lot of abuse, truck axle scale systems are tough and reliable for years. They are dependable for very intense use; after all, you are constantly driving massive trucks over them day in and day out. Even after getting beat up by your truck, the scales will continue to provide accurate measurements for years to come.

The reason for this is that these portable farm truck scales are crafted using heavy-duty aluminum construction that's lightweight yet extremely durable. The product is solid and dependable, and because of this they do not require regular maintenance. After you are done using the scales they fold up easily and transport elsewhere within minutes. Moving the scales around is incredibly easy since their make is a lightweight aluminum design.

Types of Truck Axle Scales in the AX-Series

So we have established that the portable axle scales from AgWeigh.com have numerous benefits and should definitely be considered by any employee in the agriculture world. However, the portable scales have various designs as well. It is important to consider the difference between the static axle scales and the in-motion axle scales in AgWeigh.com's AX-Series.

Static Axle Scale

Static axle scales are what most people are probably used to. It is a scale that you drive up on, park your truck, and take a measurement. This means that in order to get the most accurate measurement, you have to park the car right on top of the scale. This really isn’t a hard thing to do, but it can still be considered tedious based on the other option of in-motion axle scales.

In-Motion Axle Scale

In-motion axle scales will allow you to get an accurate and proper measurement simply by driving over it. This is definitely appealing because it saves you time, and you can be on your way without have to park. Of course, this point might be kind of useless if the scales you are using are portable. You would have to park to collect them anyway. However, if you have multiple weighing stations set up, then these in-motion axle scales can definitely be a favorite.

Either way, the preference belongs to the customer. The portable truck scales and axle scales from AgWeigh.com are a wonderful asset to any agricultural employee, and the design and make of the scales are definitely top notch. In addition to truck axle scales for sale, AgWeigh.com also offers short-term rental solutions for the busy harvest season. Farmers can inquire about portable truck scales for rent, in addition to other weighing system rentals.

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Rent Truck Scales During Your Harvest Season

Feb 25, 2015

Rent Truck Scales During Your Harvest Season

The harvest time can be both the best and busiest time of the year for farmers out to sell their produce for greater returns on their investment. With this comes the need to know the accurate weight of harvests. There is no better way to do so than using the right type of scale systems capable of providing accurate measurements of crop loads.

Unfortunately, buying a scale system or weighbridge can be an expensive investment. For this reason, renting truck scales remains to be the best options for farmers who need a more cost-efficient harvest weighing solution.

Portable Truck Scale Rentals: The Optimal Solution

With different scale systems available, portable truck scales are often the best option as they offer a host of benefits to the farmers and agricultural producers. Portable truck scales offer the ultimate versatility, convenience, and performance for a wide range of agricultural settings. And renting one definitely affords every farmer an opportunity to save a lot of money.

One of the greatest values associated with these scales is that they are movable and therefore can be relocated from one farm or place to the other. This process only takes a few minutes and is convenient for any farmer as one doesn’t need to take his entire crop load to a specific weighing station.

Benefits of Using Portable Truck Scales  portable truck scales rent

There are many benefits that farmers can take advantage of with portable truck scales for rent. Some of these include:

  • Easy to install - Setting up the scales only takes a few minutes. You only place the scale on the ground and then set up the terminal and are ready to take the measurements of the farm produce.
  • High level of accuracy - These scales are highly sensitive and can therefore produce highly reliable and accurate measurements. A portable truck scale guarantees error-free accuracy which farmers can rely on.
  • Portability - These trucks can be relocated to any part of the farm or to any location where farmers need to assess the weight of their trucks. They are not bulky and therefore can fit on a boot of a car and set up at any location where they are needed.
  • User-friendly weighing terminal - The truck scales are fitted with user-friendly terminals that are equipped with an LCD display screen. They also have the capability to store and print all the weight data for safe keeping and future reference.

Other Weighing Solutions for Farmers & Ag Producers

Farmers and agricultural producers can benefit greatly by opting for the truck scale rental solutions provided by Walz Scale. Additionally, farmers can also benefit from Walz new load scanner system, which is one of the the latest technologies in the weighing industry. The load scanner offers accurate volume calculations plus they are highly reliable even in the most remote of places.

Walz load scanners make accurate calculations within a few seconds and the processed data can be accessed in real-time and remotely from mobile devices and computers. These solutions can help farmers save money by avoiding cases of overloading and losses associated with inaccurate weights.

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A Look Into Ag Weigh's Grain Dump Truck Scale

Jan 21, 2015

A Look Into Ag Weigh's Grain Dump Truck Scale

Engineered and designed by farmers (and for farmers,) Ag Weigh’s grain dump truck scale provides an incredible advancement in operational efficiency for grain producers. The advanced design of this particular grain dump truck scale is the result of almost 50 years of experience in the agriculture sector.

We at Ag Weigh have learned from our customers and what their needs and requirements are for farm scale systems. As a result, this gain dump farm scale system features an innovative design that allows cost-efficient management of grain production and harvest data. Additionally, the grain dump truck scale offers high level weight calculation accuracy as well as exceptional durability. 

The standard 12 feet wide scale deck produced by Ag Weigh is optimal for safe access to the scale. The company also offers grain dump truck scales in 10 feet, 11 feet, and 14 feet wide widths.

The grain dump truck scale features a modular design that provides multiple benefits, including:


  • Custom engineered by Ag Weigh for easy access for maintenance
  • Easy installation with no crane required to set the scale
  • Seamless Yield Pro software integration for crop management
  • Reduces redundant steps common with truck scales located away from the dump or loading spout
  • Minimizes freight expenses and other cost associated with transport and harvest management

The above are just a handful of benefits behind Ag Weigh's grain dump truck scales. The suspension design of the company’s truck scales offers exceptional protection to the load cells and keeps debris out of the electronic components. The heavy duty steel deck plate requires minimal maintenance and provide many years of performance.

The Ag Weigh’s farm scale systems come with standard galvanized suspension components that provide superior durability. Their truck scale products are designed for the real world and all environment conditions.

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