In-Motion Axle Scale Takes Weighing Technology To The Next Level

Jul 23, 2015

In-Motion Axle Scale Takes Weighing Technology To The Next Level

For years, farmers have had to deal with large, static truck scales, such as weighbridges and grain dump scales. And while these weighing solutions still serve a purpose, many agricultural producers are turning to a more efficiency-driven truck scale system.

Farm truck load for weighing

With AgWeigh's In-Motion Axle Scale, the weighing of truck loads has gone to a more efficient level, helping farmers leverage greater utility, versatility, and functionality in the field. In addition to offer a portable system for weighing loads, in-motion axle scale stand by their name by allowing operators to weigh loads while trucks pass over the scale at slow speeds. This revolutionary weighing solution is providing all levels of farmers and ag producers with a wide range of advantages.


Gone are the days when a farmer had to take his truck to a weighing site. These portable truck scales are very convenient, as they can be set up just about anywhere, including in a field, a barn or shed, pretty much anyplace on the farm.

Although they are very mobile, AgWeigh's in-motion axle scales are not manufactured of light material. They are sturdy and totally reliable. Made of heavy-duty aluminum, these scales were designed to emit accurate information. In addition, they were crafted to last for years and years, and require very little maintenance, if any.

in-motion axle scales

See the in-motion axle scales in action below.

The advantages aren't just physical, as a farmer or user can relax with the confidence that his loads are being reflected accurately. No more stressing over overweight fines or having to rely on another party to deliver the information you need to run your business.

Easy to Use portable in motion axle scale case

These in-motion axle scales can basically do what the big, heavy-duty scales do, including print out a read out of all the information required by regulations. The system is battery-operated, so a user can get an idea of how much his load is from anywhere.

What's special about these portable units is the fact that a user doesn't have to stop to get an accurate reading. The AgWeigh portable truck scales can capture the weights of the individual axles, in addition to the total vehicle's weight, all without having to halt the truck. Maximum speed is about 5 mph or less.

Also, unlike the more commercial scales, the ramps are removable and can be packed in an easy carrying case. In a matter of minutes, the axle scale can be put together and packed-up for use in other areas around the farm. Below is a video that shows just how these scales are assembled.

Customize To Your Specs

Though the basic unit is enough to get accurate readings, users can customize the in-motion axle scale with the options available. For example, the system can be totally automated so no one is required to operate it manually. And an add-on called the RFID – Radio Frequency Identification – allows the system to intake and maintain your truck's weight, automatically.

Affordable in-motion axle scale

One of the biggest advantages to the AgWeigh in-motion axle scale is the fact that it is affordable. The pricing is reasonable and since it's easy to install, there are no hidden extra costs.

In addition, since these portable truck scales can be programmed to work automatically, there is no need for extra labor, and that will save a user a substantial amount of money. This in-motion axle scale will undoubtedly aid farmers in keeping costs down and profits up. Learn more at, parent company of AgWeigh.

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New Scanning Solutions Help Farmers Increase Productivity During Harvest

Jun 18, 2015

New Scanning Solutions Help Farmers Increase Productivity During Harvest

Farming is one of the most difficult industries to become involved in because of the strenuous, time consuming work as well as the variability of crops. Factors like the weather, soil, and the agricultural market for food can greatly vary the production value of high volume farmers, which directly impact price per pound and overall profitability. 

New scanning technology, patented and sold by Walz Scale, is making farmers' lives easier and more efficient, helping to mitigate the latter variables. You might asking yourself, new scanning technology for farming? These are unprecedented harvest management systems that are described in greater detail below.

farm truck load

Advancing The Harvest Management Process

farm load scannerWalz Scale (which is the parent company of is spearheading the development of industrial 3D volume scanners that can measure the volume in harvest so that farmers don’t have to spend unnecessary time estimating these values with standard weighing systems. This is a process commonly performed in the harvest season, when farmers are already working to secure the crops in a timely fashion. These scanners, with their high-tech features, will give farmers accurate volumetric readings which are then calculated into weight (with basic crop inputs to make the calculation.)

Walz Scale uses a 3D scanner unit that is positioned on a stand that will ultimately hang over trucks that pass under the system. The truck drives under the scanner commonly at spends below 3.5 miles per hour (speed scanning is another available profit). The scanner then uses lasers and complex computer algorithms to paint a 3D picture of the truck contents.

The scanner delivers the 3D images into sections that can be seen on a screen (informing farmers of adequate load distribution,) as well as displays accurate volume and weight metrics. Once the load scanner is set-up and full installed (which typically takes a couple hours of less) the process can be complete in a matter of seconds. Farmers can see then use this volume and weight information to understand exactly how much harvest is being extracted, and what the estimated value of the harvest is for profitability.

Replacing the Need for Expensive Truck Scales

The 3D scanners are efficiently replaced the large, expensive, and heavy-duty truck scales that farmers have been using for several decades. These scales only measured the gross weight of the truck, and all other calculations had to be conducted by hand. While this worked for farmers, the scales did not afford the same full picture that the 3D scanner literally gives at the touch of a button.

volumetric load scannerWalz Scales has offered several special features for their scanners that make them even more convenient and easy to use. The scanners can be operated and monitored from an outside kiosk, a tablet, laptop, or mobile device, enabling some farmers to handle other tasks while in operation. The scanner sends the images and the information to this computing station so that the farmer can view the truck stores and quickly estimates the profit from that truck.

The scanner can be delivered as either portable or non portable. Portable scanners have the base of a trailer that can easily be moved. Load scanners can also be used with conveyor belts to measure real-time production rates of products before they ever go out for transportation.

Farming is hard, honorable work that requires all of a person’s body and mind. The Walz Scale 3D load scanner offers a better way for farmers to manage their crop production and estimate profit with its easy to use interface, real-time updates, and easy to understand presentation of information. Get rid of your old scales today and invest in the Walz Load Scanner, and be apart of the future.

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5 Dependable Harvest Weighing Systems for High-Volume Farmers

May 19, 2015

5 Dependable Harvest Weighing Systems for High-Volume Farmers

Essentially every farmer needs to determine exactly how much crop they have grown. The problem with this is that there are many variables making it difficult to accurately weigh crop loads. This is major hurdle as farmers must calculate the weight of their harvest to know how much money they can charge. 

agweigh harvest weighing system

As a result, it is crucial for farmers to have the right systems in place to determine exactly how much crop has been yielded. Further, some farmers demand harvest weighing systems that also factor-in moisture content and other variables that can influence the final pay load weight.

In this article, we feature five dependable harvest weighing systems that are ideal solutions for high-volume farmers and agricultural producers.

Portable Axle Scales

Portable axle scales are highly versatile, affordable, moveable, and accurate. These can come in handy with any farmer that needs to be versatile. Obviously, weighing loads from numerous fields on a static truck scale can become very cumbersome.

portable truck axle scales

And of course a farmer works hard every day and therefore should be looking for the most efficient way of working. Portable axle scales offer great weighing systems that are both cost-efficient and easy to use. Learn more by visiting our page on portable truck scales

On-Board Scales

On-board scales are a type of scale that is integrated on various trucks and equipment. These kind of scales offer immediate weight readings without needing an external scale unit. Now this is probably the quickest way of getting the measurement of your crop. However, this on-board scales are sometimes more expensive than portable axle scales. These types of scales can measure out heavier loads which of course will cut down on labor time. This is the type of scale that a farmer that produces crop on a large scale should definitely consider buying.

Grain Cart Scales grain cart scale

Grain cart scales are ideal harvest weighing systems for grain producers. Now any grain produce can tell you that farming grain is a very specialized style of farming. It takes a lot of detail to each crop and because it is typically grown in larger quantities and that is why a grain farmer would want a scale that is designed specifically for grain crop.

Grain cart scales are designed to use carts designed to hold grain to measure it out perfectly. That is why this scale is meant for every grain farmer.

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge truck scales are large heavy-duty scales for high-volume applications. Now these are not for the small scale farmer because there would be no point in spending the money on this big of a scale for small scale purposes. Truck weighbridge scale systems are built to handle large quantities (in order to cut down on labor time) of any crop. This is a must have for large quantity farmers or commercial farmers.

truck weighbridge scales

Yield Load Scanners

farm truck load scannerYield load scanners are not actually scales, but 3D scanning devices that converts volume data into a weight using advanced technology and software. This is the top of the line in the department of crop weighing. This is obviously more expensive but it is the top of the line for a reason. This is an incredibly accurate tool, and any farmer with the funds for this should definitely consider purchasing. You can learn more about the yield load scanner system by visiting

These are the five best types of scales and harvest weighing system that any farmer can implement into their operations. Farming is a business and any businessmen knows to look for the best way to make money. And these are the best tools a farmer could use to make money.

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On-board Scales Help Farmers Optimize Yield Management

May 5, 2015

On-board Scales Help Farmers Optimize Yield Management

Modern technology has helped to build systems that offer maximum efficiency and accuracy. In the agricultural sector, technology has played a very important role in making the life of farmers that much easier.on-board truck scale unit

With on-board scales, it is easier for farmers to weigh their crops with maximum efficiency and accuracy. These on-board weigh scales are also very convenient in that they help farmers to save time from having to visit a designated, external weighing station, which is common in most harvest management operations.

On-board scales are designed to be integrated on to different types of agricultural equipment and trucks. They can also be installed on skid steers, haul trucks, grain carts, as well as loaders, conveyor belts, and forklifts. For farmers, on-board scales offer many options.

Why On-Board Scales Are a Win for Ag Producers

On-board scales are more efficient than weighbridges and axle scales as well as wheel weigher units. On-board scales are designed to track and weigh loads when they are being transported. This helps to reduce time to measure the payload. This is one of the reasons why these scales have become so popular.

The many different on-board scales are very useful in farming and agricultural applications and more particularly at the time of harvesting. These scales are also very dependable and they will do a good job of accurately tracking production data and they will also provide accurate weights every time they are used.

Farmers use these scales because not only do they increase their efficiency but also because the measurements given by the scales are very precise and accurate. Thanks to an easy User Interface, these scales allow farmers to easily weigh their produce and they can also use this feature to fine-tune their needs. Best of all, these scales by providing accurate measurements help the farmer boost their agricultural output.

Software-Supported Intelligenceyield pro

On-board scales also help farmers maximize the value of their crop yield during the harvest season. Farmers want to get the most out of every inch of their farm. They can do so through effective crop management software, like that of Yield Pro. There are a number of variables involved with crop management such as moisture control as well as factoring moisture levels to help determine exact crop value.

Yield Pro from Ag Weigh is a very advanced harvest management software. It helps every farmer and agricultural producer organize themselves better. Thanks to this software, farmers and agricultural producers can assess as well as streamline the way that they manage yield weigh data.

This software has especially been designed for agricultural producers. Farmers who use this software will be able to maximize their productivity and also the overall efficiency when analyzing yield information. Yield Pro offers the following benefits for farmers and agricultural producers:truck scale readout

  • Provides more accurate and precise estimates of moisture levels of select harvests per bin. Thanks to this software, miscalculating is reduced and this leads to better estimates of crop prices.
  • Helps in monitoring and tracking harvest information conveniently from a mobile device.
  • Yield Pro is easy to integrate with on-board scales and weighing systems.
  • Allow farmers to segment as well as track information for every farm, every field as well as every bin. This helps producers find out and troubleshoot problems on the farm.

The bottom line is that on-board scale systems and software like Ag Weigh’s Yield Pro are igniting as well as optimizing production quality for farmers. Only those farmers who leverage the power of Yield Pro will succeed in streamlining the gathering as well as management of yield information.

On-board scales for haul trucks are useful because they can be used while performing regular tasks like transportation of produce and mining materials. Grain carts on-board scales are designed to work around grain farms. Loader scales provide precise results in tough conditions and they also do not require much maintenance.

Conveyor belts scales are designed for rugged industries like aggregates and bulk handling. These scales help you to monitor as well as improve your processes and in this way help to make your operations more profitable.

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