Load Volume Scanner Offers Alternative to Conventional Ag Weighing Systems

Nov 21, 2015

Load Volume Scanner Offers Alternative to Conventional Ag Weighing Systems

The new load volume scanner system from Walz Scale offers farmers volumetric load scanning solution that’s not only accurate in measuring load volume and weight metrics, but also fast and efficient compared to most conventional agricultural weighing systems.

The load volume scanner system is simple to install and you can easily operate with minimal training. If you’re seeking the best-in-class technology that fully addresses your harvest weighing needs and boosts your productivity and profits, look no further than the volumetric load scanner from Walz Scale.

grain volume load scanner

Why The Load Scanner Works Over Truck Scales?

As one of the best alternative to cumbersome weighing systems and truck scales, the load volume scanner technology offers advanced capabilities to quickly calculate your crop's volume metrics into weight metrics in just seconds. Let’s have a close look at how a truck volume scanner system can improve your harvest management processes to the next level. load scanner

Optimize Data Analysis, Operational Efficiency, and Throughput

Developed mainly as a simple and affordable alternative to those heavy-duty and cumbersome to operate truck scales, the volumetric load scanner offers you a compact cost effective solution that can calculate load volumes in a efficient and accurate way.

With a complete truck volumetric load scanner, you can view high definition 3D images of your truck loads. But that’s not all. This system can also be integrated with software platform. It is also compatible on all computer as well as mobile devices, and operators can leverage its tools and capabilities to track, monitor and manage load scan data.

Accurate Calculations

In operations where cubic volume of target load is the required metric, the direct measurement generated by load volume scanner delivers a reliable and accurate measurement that you can easily use. Unlike others payload valuable and management techniques, this latest system can reduce variable and uncertainties in compaction, moisture content and load variation. All in all, the volumetric load scanner system offers accurate volume calculations and also eliminates various old school methodologies such as counting hundreds of truck loads or simply guessing.

load volume scanner

Affordable Harvest Management System

Volumetric load scanner also offers you an affordable payload management solution compared to various other systems, such as heavy-duty weighbridges and portable truck scales. In some cases, installing a volumetric scanner can cost less than half the cost of popular weighbridges, all while making your job site more simplistic, organized and efficient. The best thing about volumetric load scanner is that it requires less maintenance as compared to various truck scale alternatives, thereby minimizing costly repair and recalibration costs.

Optimized Efficiency & Throughput

The load volume scanner can be easily installed on your site and can start operating on the same day. Once the system is in operation, it can make calculations within seconds, and all data can be accessed remotely in real-time using various advanced software solutions. Easily accessible from various mobile devices and computers, operators can easily manage its processes and can assess payload data through a fully intuitive software platform. If optimization and automation of payload management processes is your primary object, then look no further than a volumetric load scanning system.

portable yield load scanner

Dependable & Reliable

The load volume scanner performs reliably and dependably in some of the most extreme conditions and remote environments. Depending upon its use, it can continue working for years without requiring any servicing or calibration. The operation of volumetric load scanner remains highly consistent over time and is also engineered to reduce operator error. Therefore, load volume scanner can endure some of the harshest conditions, such as excavation operations, high-volume mining sites, and more.

Flexible & Durable

The load volume scanner is built to the highest standard and offers reliable use for years in construction, mining and other rugged production operations. You can install it in any dedicated local scanning site, a haul road, or access driving. Although load volume scanner is hard mounted, it can easily be reinstalled as per requirements with many additional options.

Learn more about the load volume scanner by visiting WalzScale.com.

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Weighbridge Scales Streamline Harvest Weighing For Ag Producers

Oct 21, 2015 | Tags: harvest scale, farm truck scales, truck scales, weighbridge, weigbridges, steel deck

Weighbridge Scales Streamline Harvest Weighing For Ag Producers

If you are a large scale farmer, knowing the total weight of crop during the harvest season is critical for profitability. A reliable truck scales helps you assess your productivity, calculate your crop load weights, valuate your harvest, and overall determine the success of your ag business.Walz weighbridge truck scales

However, weighing  huge loads of crop is not easy for high volume farmers, and having the right truck scales system is vital to thrive. The solution for many farmers is to utilize the heavy duty weighbridge scales from Walz. Officially known as, Walz Scale, a reputable manufacturer of truck scales in North America is one of the leading players in the industry for weighbridge systems.

What to Expect From Weighbridge Truck Scales from Walz

The way Walz has designed its weighbridge truck scales focuses on many variables, but among the most vital for sustainably use are durability, accuracy, and consistency. Some of the features to expect from the weighbridge include:

Extreme Heavy Duty Weighbridge Scales – A lot of large scale farmers produce massive harvests that can weigh thousands of tons. Conventional weighbridges may not be strong enough to deal with this massive harvest. If you don’t want to take any risks, you can consider the super heavy duty weighbridge truck scales offered by Walz. No matter how big your harvest is, the weighbridge can handle it with ease.

Above Ground & Open Bottom Designs – The option of above ground or open bottom weighbridge designs gives farmers flexibility with respect to their weighing needs and location. The open bottom design is a revolutionary technology designed to extend the longevity of weighbridges. Walz has simply perfected this technology and delivers strong weighbridges that last for many years with minimal wear and tear..

Tension Suspension Mounting System – Accuracy is everything when it comes to weighbridges and for farmers who are commercially involved in large scale agriculture, having a weighbridge that delivers perfect accuracy couldn’t be more important. The Tension suspension Mounting System limits the movement of the bridge for superior accuracy.

Outstanding Performance – The weighbridges from Walz can work under any virtually any conditions. This performance is needed especially when there is a huge load of farm produce to be weighed on a day to day basis. It doesn’t matter how long you need to keep weighing or how heavy the load is, the scales are perfectly suited for these conditions.

Advantages of Walz Weighbridge Scales for Farmers

If you are planning to invest money oin a weighbridge, then it makes sense to know what you get in return. Here are some of the advantages of the Walz weighbridges:

Steel Deck Weighbridge Truck Scale

Accuracy – The technology used to design Walz weighbridge scales offers perfect accuracy. This helps you to know the exact size of your harvest in any given season.

Extreme Durability – The harvest season is very busy and as a farmer, you definitely want a weighbridge that can handle an intense day of weighing loads of farm produce. The Walz weighbridge scales are so durable that they can perform at optimum capacity even if the load is heavier than normal.

Longevity – Weighbridges are expensive and as such, it would really be a waste of money to replace your scale each and every harvesting season. The Walz weighbridge scales however are designed to last long. You can utilize them for years without much where an tear, as they are designed using durable stainless steel construction.Walz Scale Truck Scales

Finding the right weighbridge truck scales for farming and agriculture is never easy but even then, the heavy duty scales offered by Walz are simply exceptional. To learn more, visit WalzScale.com.

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3 AgWeigh Truck Scales Advantageous for Farmers

Sep 22, 2015

3 AgWeigh Truck Scales Advantageous for Farmers

As leading supplier of truck scales and agricultural weighing systems for farmers, AgWeigh offers a number of different truck scales for all levels of ag producers. AgWeigh is dedicated to providing cost-effective weighing solutions to help advance the harvest management process of agriculture producers. In doing so, the company has earned a reputation in the industry for its impressive display of truck scales for sale.in-motion portable axle scale truck scales

For farmers in need of a more efficient and streamlined weighing operation, AgWeigh offers several types of trucks weigh scales to fit the bill. Whether for grain dump operations or stockpile management, there are a wide variety of options for specific applications. Below we go into detail about three of the more advanced truck scales from AgWeigh and why each system makes for the ideal companion for farmers and ag producers.

In-Motion Portable Axle Scales

The AXW-IM models of in-motion axle scales offer an affordable truck scale system that is fully portable and easy to take set-up and take-down in the matter of minutes. As a great solution for ag producers with many farms and fields, this portable truck scale system makes for a versatile weighing solution just about anywhere.

The lightweight aluminum design and carry case allows for convenient and fully portable operation. The in-motion functionality of the system allows for the weighing of your harvest vehicles without stopping. Simply drive over the scales and the system will total each axle and provide the total vehicle weight.

The AXW-IM portable axle scales come available with integrated printers in the scale readout weighing terminal. This allows for weight tickets to be printed for each vehicle. The weighing terminal displays are also battery operated allowing for portable operation.

Grain Dump Truck Scales

What separates AgWeigh's grain dump truck scales from other suppliers is that these systems have been designed by farmers for farmers. In fact, the design of the AgWeigh grain dump truck scales are the result of almost 50 years serving the agriculture market.

Available in 10', 11', 12', & 14' wide scale decks, these NTEP-approved, modular-engineered grain dump truck scales use galvanized suspension components and heavy duty steel deck plating to withstand years of use in the harshest of conditions. The modular design of these truck scales provides a great number of benefits for producers, such as: grain dump truck scales

  • Simplifies the installation process
  • Minimizes freight expenses
  • No crane required to set the truck scale
  • Engineered for easy access for maintenance

Additionally, the cutting-edge modular design of our farm scales allows ag producers to install their scale system in-house with ease. Farmers are able to install the AgWeigh scale modules with a lift truck or tractor.

On-board Weighing Systems

Integrated on the actual vehicle or piece of equipment (i.e. grain cart,) the on-board weighing systems from AgWeigh leverage German-engineered Pfreundt on-board weighing technology. Unlike external truck scales, on-board weighing systems provide the ultimate in convenience and efficiency for specialized weighing needs.on-board weighing systems for wheel loaders

Installable on vehicles ranging from semi-trucks and tractor trailers to skid steers and backhoe loaders, AgWeigh's on-board weighing systems come with many possible features and benefits for farmers. For instance, farmers who use commonly use a wheel loader to transport yields can take realize significant advantages with an on-board weigh system installed on the farm's loader(s).

Learn more about the various applications of on-board weighing systems by visiting WalzScale.com, parent company of AgWeigh and leading provider of truck scales and advanced weighing systems.

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Advantages of On-board Weighing Systems for Farmers

Aug 25, 2015

Advantages of On-board Weighing Systems for Farmers

In an effort to improve efficiency and throughput during the busy harvest season, many farmers are turning to on-board weighing systems to facilitate their crop management processes. Traditionally, ag producers had to rely on scales that were fixed or located at a single weigh station site. Further, farmers often had to weigh the harvest at the farm and later re-weigh crops again at the storage point such as silo, granary, warehouse, or a designated collection point. on-board truck scales

Unfortunately, this meant double work, losing part of the crop/consignment during loading and unloading, and also spending too much time. However, such inconveniences are becoming a thing of the past as farmers embrace on-board weigh scales installed on loaders, skid steers, grain carts, haul trucks and other vehicles.

How On-board Weighing Scales Work

Just as the name suggests, on-board weighing scales are special types of weighing scales that are fixed on the vehicle which may be a tractor-trailer, normal truck, haul trucks or any other. The unit is calibrated upon installation and will always remain attached to the vehicle.

On-weighing scales can measure the weight of the produce as it being loaded onto the truck. Weight data is also immediately stored for later retrieval and analysis. The farmer or driver doesn’t need to measure the produce when it arrives at the warehouse or store since it was already weighed from the farm. The on-board weighing solutions come in varied forms to suit different needs as well as quantity/volume weighing requirements.

Types of On-board Weighing Systems for Farmers

on-board grain cart scalesOver the years, different kinds of on-board weighing systems have been developed. The following are among the most popular on-board scales for equipment commonly used to haul crops and harvest loads.

Benefits of On-board Scales

On-board scales offer a host of benefits compared to other more conventional truck scale systems, such as:

  • Accurate Measurements: The scales feature precise technology that accurately measures the load. For the best service it is recommended to go for well-known suppliers of on-board scales, such as AgWeigh and Walz.
  • Time Efficient: Harvest/produce is only weighed once, either at the farm or storage point. This reduces the time spend loading and unloading or weighing at site then again at the collection point. 
  • Cost Effective: The traditional way of weighing involved many people, some were unloading and loading, others were taking the reading, while some were tallying the total. This contributed to increased costs. However, with On-board Scales everything is done from one point and can be coordinated by one or two people.
  • Versatile: The on-board weighing systems are very flexible and can be used on different surfaces such as rough terrain, smooth surface, wet or dry conditions. The scales can be fitted on small trucks, larger tractor-trailers, haul trucks and other type of vehicles.

The above advantages explain the high acquisition of the scales. Nonetheless, it is advisable to only go for brands that are well-known and have good reputation. Such brands which include Walz and AgWeigh are known to be accurate, user-friendly, require minimal service & maintenance, work with a range of trucks & applications, and are readily available. In addition to lowering the cost of operation, quality and reputable brands of on-board weigh scales offer the farmer, loader, manager, or driver peace-of-mind.

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