Why Portable Truck Scale Rentals are a Win for Ag Producers

Apr 11, 2016

portable truck scales axle scale

Why Portable Truck Scale Rentals are a Win for Ag Producers

If you are a farmer who has an immediate short or long-term need for a truck scale weighing system, you may be deciding whether it would be best to buy or rent a portable truck scale.

Now, most portable truck scales and axle scale systems are expensive machines, which means you will be investing potentially a few thousands dollars, depending the scale. For this reason, you have to seriously consider how often you will be using it. Buying one just to address a short-term need or very infrequent long term needs may not be the best investment.

Instead of buying a portable truck scale, a better solution may be renting a truck scale when you actually need it. Taking advantage of portable truck scales for rent can offer greater value for farming business when it comes to cost-efficiency because it will allow you to invest in more useful matters for the business. For instance, it would not make any sense to purchase a scale just to use it for one week or when you have an abundant harvest. As a result, portable truck scale rentals are often a win for ag producers with limited needs for crop weighing.

Harvest Season

This is the busiest time for farmers and the best one to sell their produce for a greater return of investments. This season requires farmers to have efficient and accurate weighing solutions for the produce and the best solution is leasing or renting a portable truck scale weighing system from a trusted supplier like WalzScale.com.

Types of Portable Truck Scalesportable-truck-scale-rental

There are various portable weighing truck scales that are great for farming, such as in-motion wheel weighers and on-board truck scales. However, the most common are portable truck axle scale.

Similar to wheel weighers, portable axle scales provide the ultimate performance, versatility and convenience for a range of agricultural settings. Renting portable truck scale equipment will also mean that you will save money and still fulfill all your weighing needs.

One of the best things about the portable truck scales is the fact that they can be relocated anywhere they are needed on the farm during the harvest. This not only makes it flexible, it makes it convenient as well because you will not need to weigh the entire produce at the same time.

Portable Truck Scale Benefits portable truck scales

  • Highly Accurate - They are very sensitive and they deliver very accurate as well as very reliable results.
  • Portable - The fact that they are portable means that you can place them anywhere within your farm. They fit well on the boot of a vehicle and you can set them up at any desired location.
  • Easy to install - As soon as you place it on the ground, it will take you minutes to install and setup then you can go ahead and take your measurements.
  • Easy to use - Portable truck scales come with user-friendly terminals that can print and record all the collected data as well as LCD screens to help with easy navigation.

Given that as a farmer you do not need to have a constant weighing solution, truck scale rental systems are the most effective solution and the most cost effective as well. You will be able to complete all your weighing goals without the need to invest heavily in an equipment you will only need to use one or two times a year.

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On-board Weighing Systems for Farming & Agriculture

Feb 22, 2016

On-board Weighing Systems for Farming & Agriculture

On-board weighing systems are becoming an increasingly popular means for heavy-duty load weighing for various industry applications, particularly farming and agriculture. For high-volume farmers and ag producers, leveraging the most efficient weighing systems is vital to increase throughput, ensure precise accuracy, and maximize overall productivity.

on-board truck scale readout

On-board weighing systems from AgWeigh.com cater to all that, and more. With a complete spectrum of on-board systems that can be seamlessly integrated on a wide range of equipment, users can leverage one of the most advanced weighing solutions in the industry. Combined with AgWeigh's Yield Pro software platform, the combination delivers unparalleled value for ag producers.

To highlight some of the most common applications of these cutting-edge scales, below we feature the top on-board weighing systems for farming and agriculture.

On-board Grain Cart Scalesgrain cart scales on-board

Using some of the best load cell technology, AgWeigh provides a wide range grain cart scales and weighing solutions for grain agriculture production. Grain cart scale systems leverage on-board weighing technology which offers one of the most convenient and highly-efficient harvest weighing solution for grain producers.

AgWeigh's grain cart scales have been designed for simple onsite installation, enables most farmers and ag producers the ability to perform their own installations. And from basic scale displays to more advanced weighing terminals (equipped with recipe formulation and harvest memory,) AgWeigh can provide custom grain cart scales and weighing system that fit your unique application.

On-board Truck Scales

Perhaps one of the most common applications of on-board weighing systems is for haul trucks. AgWeigh's on-board truck scales are an ideal solution for high volume farmers and agricultural producers looking to track their vehicle weights and eliminate overload fines. truck scales on-board

The extreme durability and reliability of AgWeigh on-board truck scales and payload systems is a result of the process of capturing accurate weights via the hydraulic pressure on the users skid steer loader. To learn more about these features and functionality, visit our on-board truck scales page.

On-board Loader Scales

The on-board loader scales from AgWeigh are the ideal solution for ag producers looking to track production data and maximize harvest loading with use of wheel loaders. The integral weighing system allows for field installation and provides consistent accurate weights.wheel load scales on-board

Additionally, the driver interface of these on-board wheel loader scales has been carefully designed to provide operators with all the tools necessary to perform their operations efficiently and accurately. The construction of the housing was designed to work day-in and day-out in the worlds toughest environments.

AgWeigh also offers on-board weighing systems for skid steers and various other load hauling vehicles. For more information, contact AgWeigh today.


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Portable Truck Scales for Rent from Walz Scale

Jan 22, 2016

Portable Truck Scales for Rent from Walz Scale

During every harvest season, farmers and ag producers need to weigh crop loads to determine value and profitability of their labor. It goes without saying that a heavy-duty weigh scale is requirement for most high-volume farmers that need to weigh their yields. However, because the harvest time is seasonal, not all farmers need to invest in a truck scale or ag scale.

portable truck axle scales for rent

The best solution for farmers in this situation is to rent truck scales for short-term use during the harvest season. Not just for weighing trucks and vehicles individually, truck scales enable farmers to calculate the weight of truck loads (in the case of farmers - their crop loads.) While there are a number of truck scales available for rent, one supplier offers a complete range of options for farmers and ag producers.

Enter: Walz Scale

Parent company of AgWeigh, Walz Scale is a nationally-recognized company that supplies truck scales and portable weighing systems to many different companies. Walz Scale has a variety of scales that can come in handy during the harvest season. Among the most popular are portable truck scales for rent.

Portable Truck Scale Rentals

Truck Scales RentPortable truck scale rentals offered by Walz Scale offer a high degree of flexibility and versatility in the field. These portable scales for truck load weighing deliver a convenient and cost-efficient solution in managing yield weighing operations in different locations, such as for farmers with numerous fields and properties.

In addition to weighing solutions for the farmer, Walz has earned a notable reputation in various industries like mining, construction, waste management, and more. As a result, the company has been a trusted supplier of nearly all types of weighing equipment for a long time. They also specialize in floor scales and pallet scales for retail or shipping operations, axle scales for large scale weighing solutions, and weighbridge truck scales which are custom-designed for industrial purposes.

Reliable & Affordable Weighing Solutions

With the availability of all these scales, a farmer can be assured of accuracy when it comes to weighing their produce. Portable truck scales for rent are the ideal solution for agricultural producers. What they look for in a truck weigh scale rental is reliability and affordability in their weighing solutions during the harvest season. The fact that these scales can be very costly to a farmer or agricultural producer, renting the scale on the other hand for the harvest season can be the solution in a case where the farmer would need to weigh the produce.

To get an idea of what these portable truck scales are capable of, see the video below.

AgWeigh and Walz Scale together offer portable truck scales for rental purposes, and by so doing, these solutions make it easier for a farmer to weigh their produce whenever they need to during harvesting. There is need for accuracy in weighing any produce and the scales from AgWeigh and Walz Scale offer exactly that to any farmer or agricultural producer. The beauty about renting a weighing scale is that a farmer will only incur the cost only when necessary and when they do not need the scales, they do not have to incur costs in relation to the scales.

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3 AgWeigh Ag Scales for the Win

Dec 17, 2015

3 AgWeigh Ag Scales for the Win

If you're a farmer, then you probably understand the importance of using ag scales to weigh crop yields to accurate determine the profit of your harvest. However, many farmers don't always know what type of ag scales to invest in.

Here at AgWeigh, we offer a number of agriculture scales and harvest management solutions. Below we go into detail about three of the most common ag scale systems that we offer and why each offers a seamless solution for farmers and meeting their crop weighing needs.

portable truck scales

Portable Truck Scales

Portable truck scales are one of the most highly sought weighing systems due to their simplicity of use and versatility in the field. Portable truck scales can be set-up and taken-down in a matter of 15 minutes or less, and they come with convenient carrying case for easy mobility.

The portable truck scales offered at AgWeigh deliver a cost-efficient solution to weigh and manage yields in various locations. AgWeigh's portable truck scales are ideal ag scales for farmers and agricultural producers who need ultimate portability in their weighing operations.

See the primary features of AgWeigh's AXW-F Portable Truck Scales by watching the video below.

AgWeigh offers portable truck scales that have weigh-in-motion capabilities. This enables trucks to drive over the weighing pads a slow speeds of 3-5 MPH while the scale is still able to gather accurate weight data. To learn more about AgWeigh's portable truck scales, click here.

Grain Dump Truck ScalesAg Scales Grain Dump Truck

For grain producers, grain dump truck scales are powerful tool for more efficient yield management. These specialized truck scales have been designed by farmers for farmers. The innovative design of grain dump truck scales provides ag producers with an economical solution for managing farm production.

Incorporating a grain dump truck scale into your weighing operation will greatly improve your level of efficiency. The ability to weigh and dump in the same location reduces the redundant steps normally experienced with truck scales that are located away from the dump or loading spout.

ag scales grain dumpIn addition to offering grain dump truck scales in a variety of sizes to fit your exact requirements, these scales come in many different configurations. Each scale is built with standard galvanized suspension components, providing superior longevity.

On-board Loader Scales

With loaders serving as a popular means to transport produce, many farmers can leverage on-board weighing systems integrated on their wheel loaders. AgWeigh's wheel loader scale system is an advanced weighing solution for ag producers looking to track production data and maximize truck loading. The integred ag scale allows for field installation and provides consistent accurate weights.

Ag Scales LoadersEach loader scale system allows operators to interchange up to 5 different attachments. These on-board weigh scale systems have reputation for delivering accurate weights regardless of the attachments that you are using. Also, the driver interface of the on-board scale unit has been carefully designed to provide operators with all the tools necessary to perform their operations efficiently and accurately.

On-board weighing systems from ag weigh can also be equipped on various other vehicles and equipment. Other popular on-board systems include skid steer scales, grain cart scales, and truck scales.

Truck Scales for Rent

For farmers who may not need to invest in their own ag scale systems, the parent company of AgWeigh (Walz Scale) offers various types of truck scales for rent. With portable truck scales being the most popular option among rentals, farmers can rent truck scales during their harvest season with AgWeigh.


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