Customer Testimonial

Aug 31, 2016

"The scale we purchased from Walz Scale has proved to be an essential, irreplaceable investment for our farm operation. In conjunction with their scale software, Yield Pro, Walz Scale has allowed me to manage my grain inventory with a level of accuracy and confidence required to maximize our profits.

Working with Jonathan Kettle, we were able to customize the Yield Pro software to meet our farm's specific needs. With its built in shrink calculation, individual bin level tracker, and custom export reports, we now have the precise control over our grain inventory we never had before.

The remote weight display, weight capture indicator, and RFID tags on my trucks makes weighing in and out much more efficient by eliminating the need to continuously get in and out of the truck to punch your ticket.

With the entire installation taking just a weekend, our new scale system from Walz Scale was operational and ready to help us begin maximizing our profit.

With all these great features, excellent customer support, and most importantly, a very reasonable price tag, I would recommend this solution from Walz Scale to anyone looking to manage and track their operation more efficiently and confidently."


Pope Farms, Wisconsin

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4 Advancements in Portable Truck Scales That Drive Efficiency & Throughput

Jul 19, 2016

4 Advancements in Portable Truck Scales That Drive Efficiency & Throughput

With increased demand in the agricultural industry comes the need for continual advancements and technology innovation in the farming equipment. When it comes to harvest management and valuating crop loads, farmers and agricultural producers can now be better equipped to efficiently weigh crops using systems like portable truck scales. portable truck scales

Portable truck scales speak volumes for the advancements in the agricultural industry, mostly with respect to the incredible features and advancements of these scales that help to optimize efficiency and throughput. To shed light on why portable truck scales are so ideal for farmers, below we discuss four momentous advancements that make these systems a sound weighing solution.

Evolving Design Options

There's a lot of overlap in what defines a portable truck scales (versus similar systems like wheel weighers and axle scales.) In short, there are two primary types of portable truck scales, including the portable axle scales and portable wheel weighers (or weighing pads.) axle scales

Each offers unique benefits for the farmer who integrates one or both into their harvest weighing processes. Axle scales allows a producer to determine weigh inputs in very rugged environments that demand a heavy-duty scale, while wheel weighers (while still rugged in design) assists in calculating and managing load weights with greater versatility. Both types are very similar in their functionality, however there's a trade-off in set-up time (portable wheel weighers being a bit more efficient to move from one weighing site to another) as well as durability and resilience (axle scales offering a bit more strength for large vehicles.)

Advanced Portability for Greater Versatility 

The decision to purchase a portable truck scale not only increases versatility, but saves farmers money in the long run. Static scales are built-in to the landscape and are expensive to maintain. For the farmer, in particular, portable scales are more affordable than static scales, and very easy to use. In fact, they occupy very little space but are still strong enough to weigh entire an truck load that weighs in at multiple tons.

In-Motion Capabilities Accelerates Throughput

Trucks are on the highway with one purpose in mind – to reach their destination as quickly as possible. There is quite an inconvenience to stopping on a static scale to weigh a truck and its load. The introduction of weigh-in-motion truck scales has modernized the trucking industry by creating a way to capture data while a truck is moving using sensors and dynamic measurement system. This in-motion weighing technology is no different for the portable truck scales used by farmers.

With weigh-in-motion portable truck scales, the data captured can be transmitted wirelessly to the cloud, and is touted for being just as accurate than static scales. It also means that hundreds of trucks can be measured – each in a matter of seconds – in one day. For high volume farmers, weigh-in-motion truck scale advancements have drastically accelerated the throughput for harvest management.

Accuracy Stemming from Proven Engineering

Truck axle scales that are designed to be portable characteristically are going to be more lightweight, durable and accurate than static scales. It may seem contrary to logic, but combined with in-motion technology static scales are quickly becoming a thing of the past. in motion portable axle scale

Portable truck scales even offer measurements for up to eight wheels, improving the size and type of trucks it can serve. Made of aluminum, transporting or relocating these scales are a breeze due to the lightweight nature of the metal. Additionally, they are durable enough to withstand harsh weather and extreme temperatures.

More importantly, the portability does not automatically mean less accuracy. Quite the opposite. By measuring all wheels at the same time, weigh-ins are easier than ever – especially considering some pads come with automated kiosk printers that enable users to print measurement tickets on-site.

Fortunately, more accurate measurements means more accurate profits. Farmers who depend on static scales should consider the benefits of portable truck scales before their competitors, literally, move right by them. For more information about portable trucks scales, contact or visit the parent company of AgWeigh,

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Wheel Weighers: Versatile & Portable Truck Scales from AgWeigh

Jun 22, 2016 | Tags: axle scales, truck scales, wheel weighers, portable truck scales

Wheel Weighers: Versatile & Portable Truck Scales from AgWeigh

Portable wheel weighers are some of the most versatile and highly-functional weighing systems in the category of portable truck scales. Portable wheel weigher scales are an ideal solution for agricultural producers who do not require a full farm truck scale, such as steel-deck weighbridge.wheel weigher scale

Wheel weighers are fully portable and very robust and durable. Unlike some farm scales, they can be easily set-up and taken down for portable use in various locations throughout the farm. With choices for varying weight capacities as well as in-motion weighing capabilities, learn more below about how AgWeigh's portable wheel weigher scales provide the ultimate weighing solution for your harvest load weighing needs.

Lightweight Yet Heavy Duty Construction

The AXW Series of portable wheel weighers from AgWeigh are designed and constructed to provide highly-accurate axle weights for many years (and with little to no maintenance needed during that time.) This gives agricultural producers confidence knowing their load weight measurements are completely accurate.

AgWeigh wheel weighers come in both lightweight aluminum and stainless steel designs depending on the desired weighing capacity in which the scale will be used. While most farmers thrive using aluminum wheel weigher scales, some extreme heavy-duty applications demand a more resilient construction, like that of the stainless steel options.

Versatile Wheel Weigher Scales wheel weigher case

The lightweight aluminum design and carry case that comes with these portable wheel weighers allows for fully-portable, versatile operation. For farmers and other customers who wish to install their portable wheel weighers in a permanent concrete foundation, all is needed is a very shallow pit. However for most users, leveraging the carry case to move the scale from one location to another is most desired.

Integrated Weighing Terminal

The AXW Series of portable wheel weigher scales from AgWeigh are available with integrated weighing terminals that offer ticket printers and a readout display to show weight measurements. The weighing terminal enables users to print weight tickets for each vehicle. Further, these terminals are also battery operated, allowing for portable operation along with the scale system itself.

portable wheel weigher weighing terminal

AgWeigh's series of portable wheel weighers can be easily installed on any level and solid foundation. These wheel weighers provide a very useful means of managing production on the farm. Rugged, durable, and highly accurate, wheel weighers are a dependable portable truck scale for many different applications.

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3 Truck Weighing Scales for Ultimate Efficiency

Apr 25, 2016

3 Truck Weighing Scales for Ultimate Efficiency

Truck weighing scales are specifically engineered and designed to accommodate certain weighing operations as well as sizes of the vehicle carrying the loads, or content to be weighed. Because of their ability to measure very heavy amounts, trucks weighing scales are used in very specific applications (with farming offer some of the demanding for harvest management.)

As with any instrument, the design of each truck scales will directly affect its level of efficiency to produce accurate measurements. Other factors that impact efficiency and longevity include maintenance access; integration with software and ticket printers; streamlined documentation delivery; and other automation systems.

Below we profile three truck weighing scales that are known for their efficiency in high-volume agricultural applications. You can find most of these truck weighing scales at, the parent company of AgWeigh.

Portable Axle Scales portable-axle-scales

Portable axle scales, also known as portable weighing scales, are used for smaller weighing operations – like farm trucks – because they have a lower framework that allows placement on unconventional surfaces, like dirt. Portable scales are most commonly used to fulfill short-term needs which means lighter-weight materials that are much easier to maintain.

These weighing systems provide a convenient and portability-centric solution that permanent truck weighing scales cannot. In fact, new features have recently been introduced that no longer require vehicles to come to a complete stop in order to accurately calculate weights –adding an extra boost to efficiency. Though this doesn’t change the accuracy of readings by much, weigh-in-motion portable axle scales are highly efficient when it comes to throughput and capacity (some can only handle up to 15,000 pounds.)

Weighbridge Truck Scales

Weighbridge truck scales are permanent installations designed for specific sites – generally heavy-duty, high-traffic areas like highway weigh stations. Usually mounted on a permanent foundation—commonly steel or concrete—, these truck scales get lots of usage with very little respite.

weighbridge truck weighing scales

Set up on a ramp, or installed into a pit—so as to be level with the ground— weighbridge truck scales must be made of the most durable components to remains sustainable in unpredictable weather conditions. Pit access and construction materials are crucial to maintaining these systems and preserving utility. Avoiding constant calibration and scale repositioning is key to maintaining efficiency with this equipment type.

on board grain cart truck scales

On-board Truck Scales

Unlike external systems that are designed for specific sites, on-board truck scales are designed for the loaders themselves, allowing operators to output readings immediately. This ability circumvents traditional methods, eliminating certain administrative needs entirely, making this method the most efficient of all.

On-board weighing systems provide a seamless weighing process, especially when integrated with software, that the other units cannot. While these on-board weighing systems and on-board truck scales (particularly those from Walz Scale) have myriad applications. On-board truck scale systems are most commonly employed for the largest operations and fleets, such as those you’ll find in the mining industry.

The type of weighing to be done determines the type of scale one must choose for the job. Each type has its advantages and the difference in conditions, weight, usage, and portability must all be factored into the decision on which unit makes the most sense, and how efficient it can be.

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