Portable Truck Scales

Image of Portable Truck Scales

"AGWEIGH Portable Truck Scales provide superior accuracies without the cost of a full truck scale system."

In-Motion Truck Scales

AGWEIGH In-Motion Truck Scales have been designed to provide years of reliability for todays producers. These in-motion truck scales are some of the most advanced ag scales for optimized weighing efficiency and throughput.

In-Motion Truck Scales
weigh-in-motion truck scales

Low Cost Truck Weighing

The simple design of our portable truck scales allows for producers to install their scale onsite at a fraction of a full length truck scale.

Portable In-Motion Truck Scales

Need a portable scale option that also allows for you to weigh in-motion?  Check out or AXW portable in-motion scales. These AXW-series weigh-in-motion truck scales offer versatility for farmers with many fields, and thus, many weighing sites.

portable in-motion truck scales
Automated in-motion truck scales

Weighing Automation

Add our RFID technology to your in-motion truck scale system to deliver a fully automated solution.

* RFID tags are placed on the trucks

* RFID reader is located at the scale

* The Yield Pro Software will manage each load automatically

* Designed for superior maintenance access

Yield Management Software

Add our Yield Pro Software for tracking and managing your yield data.  Run reports and generate load tickets automatically. 

- Manage fields

- Manage Farms

- Manage Bin Inventories

- Manage Drivers

Image of Roll Off Scale System
Image of Roll Off Scale System

Digital Weight Terminals

Depending on your requirements, we can provide a wide range of digital weight terminals to fit your application.  Our digital weight terminals provide instant weight readings from in-motion scale systems and the ability to connect to multiple peripheral components like printers, outdoor displays and computer systems.


Driver Readout

Adding an outdoor readout is also available with our in-motion truck scales so that your drivers can view the weights from the cab of their trucks.  These outdoor readouts are also ideal for better managing your load out process.

in-motion truck scale driver readout
in-motion truck scale printer

Ticket Printers

Add a ticket printer to your Anhydrous Truck Scale system to better track your yield data. Our ticket printers are extremely easy to use and require virtually zero maintenance.

For more information and options for truck scales, visit Walz Scale, the parent company of AgWeigh.com