Yield Load Scanner

Image of Yield Load Scanner

"Manage and track farm and field yield production without the need for a truck scale. This advanced new technology allows operations to scan their harvest trucks in-motion and manage carried bushel calculations for load, farm or field."

Yield Load Scanner

The Yield Load Scanner is a new technology for managing harvest yields in open top vehicles.  This new technology incorporates lasers to determine the actual carried bushel load from your fields without the need to stop the truck on a scale.  The use of these laser scanners creates a very robust low maintenance solution for managing actual farm yield.


Yield Load Scanner System

Load Scanner System Operation

This new load volume scanner technology is extremely easy to operate:

1. Trucks are scanned "empty" and these empty scans are stored with the systems database

2. Trucks are then scanned "loaded" and these loaded scans are compared against their corresponding "empty" stored scans

3. The result is the actual carried bushel load for each "loaded" truck

4. Load tickets are stored per scan within the software for printing and reporting

Simple - Easy - Built for Work

Load Volume Scanner Technology

Yield Load Scanner System Components

The Yield Load Scanner will arrive to your door fully configured and ready to install.  The standard Yield Load Scanner System is comprised of the following components and can be shipped via UPS or Fedex.

- Yield Load Scanner Head Unit

- Windows Controller

- Yield Pro Software

- IOS / Android App

- Installation & Operation Instructions


3D Load Volume Scanner Imagery

Site Requirements

The following are typical site requirements for the Yield Load Scanner System.

- 115 VAC Power (Optional 12 VDC Operation) 

- Mounting location for the scanner head

- Level driving surface

- Optional internet connection for web based reporting 

Load Scanning Site

RFID Integration

Add our RFID System to automate the weighing process.  This system allows for you to operate the system, track all your loads all without needing to touch the interface screen.  This system is ideal for the busy harvest season or for operations with multiple vehicles that do not wish to furnish a table for each driver.

Automate Your Yield Load Scanner 

RFID Integration

Permanent Load Scanner Installations 

For producers with on-farm storage, we can supply our load scanner mounting system or simply build your own mount onsite.  This is a fairly simple task as the goal is to just get the scanner head above the trucks.



load scanner mounting site

Portable Load Scanner Trailer Systems

For operations looking to track yields in the field we can supply our portable load scanner trailer system.  Clients may also choose to fabricate their own trailer system.

Load volume scanner trailer system

Individual Load Tracking

Each load will be stored with its corresponding bushel load as well as its individual load image.  These images are use full in managing the loading process and maximizing each load.


Truck bed load imagery

Built In Reporting

The built in reports provide real time data so you can mange all of your farm and field yield data.


Farm & Field


Bin Inventory

Click here for more information on the Yield Pro Software

Ag Weigh Load Scanner Reporting Software